What is web hosting and its types and working?


What is web hosting?

Hosting is the business of storing, providing, and preserving files for one or more websites.

A typical individual business hosting its own website would require a comparable connection, which would be costly. Using a hosting service allows many businesses to share the expense of a fast Internet connection for file serving. A variety of Internet service providers, like Dserver Hosting, give free space for a modest Web site hosted on one of their machines.

Types of Web Hosting

There are three most used types of web hosting in India:

  • Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting makes cloud resources available to apps and websites. Solutions aren't deployed on a single server, as is the case with traditional hosting. Instead, the application or website is hosted by a network of linked virtual and real cloud servers, providing more flexibility and scalability.

Microsoft Azure instances, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, and Google Compute Engine instances are examples of cloud servers. Cloud servers that are private. A computing instance within an on-premises private cloud can also be referred to as a cloud server.

  • Dedicated server hosting:

A dedicated server (or servers) hosting involves a physical server devoted totally to a single business customer. The customer has total control over the system, allowing them to configure it for their specific needs, such as performance and security.

Dedicated servers offer greater reliability and stability than shared hosting. It ensures that you are not sharing your space with any other malicious software or a potential spammer. A dedicated server leads to enhanced security; this is why it is essential for companies taking transactions over FTP or SSL.

  • VPS Hosting:

A virtual private server, often known as a VPS, is a type of multi-tenant cloud hosting in which virtualized server resources are made available to an end-user through the Internet via a cloud or hosting provider. Each VPS is installed on a physical server that is managed by a cloud or hosting company and hosts many VPSs.

It is the same distinction between a dedicated server and standard shared hosting. With a VPS, you have all the power of dedicated hosting plus the opportunity to have your own set of services and customized disc space.

How Web Hosting works

Your website is basically a bunch of multiple files. So, when you build a site, you'll need to have a place to keep each of these files. That location is the server of the web host. You would then store your website's content, documents, databases, and anything else needed to represent your website on this server perfectly. The portion of storage you have will be determined by the hosting solution you select.

If you're just beginning online, you'll most likely rent a portion of a server that other webpages share. But when your storage and traffic requirements grow, you will need to scale it up to maybe renting a whole physical server, or at the very least, opt for the resources of one - with a VPS or cloud server.

Once you are subscribed to a hosting service, you'll typically be given access to the server via cPanel. It further makes it simple to upload information to the server. Alternatively, you can set up a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress to create your site.

You'll also have to set up a domain name to achieve a functional website fully. Doing this implies that you're pointing it to your server, that this is where your files are stored.

Now, when someone enters your web domain or click-throughs on the URL to your website, the web browser retrieves the information from the server and showcases them to the viewer. Most of this should take just a few seconds.

Whether this process takes much longer, you must either pace up your website or switch your servers completely.

Web-Hosting in India

Web-Hosting is a great way to advertise one's products online. But in most developing countries, like India, the idea of hosting a website is generally neglected and ignored due to a variety of reasons:

  • The first and foremost reason for its ignorance is the pricing. Finding a good Hosting server usually sacrifices the financial limits of the client. Also, many people don't trust the services and don't want to waste their financial resources. Alot of small business people prefer to expand their business physically, that is, by buying more areas to set up branches.
  • Another big reason for the reduced usage of web hosting services in India is the limited area of service provided. India doesn't have many hosting services of its own; also, if there are, the servers are limited to specific regions such as Delhi NCR, Mumbai, or any other important city. This excludes a lot of remote areas in our country, such as Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Dserver Hosting:

If you operate a business, run an agency, or work in e-commerce, It is recommended that you use a managed hosting package. Despite the fact that Dserver Hosting is maintained by a team of in-house professionals, it includes 24/7 live support, launch assistance, cPanel, and a web host management system that allows fluidity in its operations.

However, if you are a developer or system administrator, their cloud-based VPS plans provide the greatest customization with the most secure shell (SSH) keys and total root access control over the server at all times.

What is included?

 Customer support representatives stationed in India are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Backups of the server.

Transfers of websites are completely free.

Servers geared for e-commerce and PCI compliance.

Key features:

There are five cPanels included.

No limit on the sites that can be supported.

Free SSD to reduce load times by up to 20x.

Protection against DDoS attacks.

A decent and informative monitoring dashboard displays your RAM, bandwidth, and load utilization.


Each plan has a lot to unpack, but you can simply start with an entry-level plan and move up as your business grows. If you wish to start with a self-managed Cloud VPS hosting plan, you can do so for as little as 500INR per month. You get 1GB of RAM, 25GB of SSD storage, and 1TB of bandwidth for that price.

Ending up

Launching a website requires a lot of decision-making, such as how and where it'll be hosted. Signing up for a web host is the very first step in building an online presence. A web hosting service can help make your website accessible via the Internet.

When comparing different services and/or hosts, always take your needs into account and try to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. And if you have some queries regarding your hosting options, feel free to reach out to our 24x7 customer support team!