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Best Linux VPS Hosting In India

We provide the best Linux VPS Hosting in India at a minimal price with lightning-fast speed, SSD storage, full root access, downtime recovery, 24x7 support and free migration. Buy your own customized Linux VPS hosting India.

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What is Linux VPS?

Linux VPS is a form of hosting solution made for dedicated users of the Linux operating system. This virtual private server is modified and optimized to run smoothly on the Linux operating system.

The main benefit of choosing Linux VPS Hosting in India is it costs you budget-friendly prices with more features and modifications in comparison to the best Windows VPS hosting. In addition, Linux VPS are now transformed to be the most reliable dedicated server for adoptable and modifiable needs. This allows Linux VPS to serve the need for a dedicated server in India.

The use of a Linux VPS India provides adaptations that can give you the ability to create great websites, you can ensure the throughout-year security for your online data, and easily manage all features, in a private server environment. So Linux VPS is an option that can transform modern computing with additional features and budget-friendly availability.

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We are the best option if you are a small business or enterprise looking for customised linux vps server india to build your solid digital presence.

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How Does Linux VPS Hosting Work?

Linux VPS Hosting is a private virtual server created within the main server providing a Linux operating system user a dedicated hosting environment. Over the years, the Linux VPS Hosting in India demand has grown with its new features and working style. With this, your hosting server will have its own resources that you can set or change any day.

Physical Server:

The main control room has a large physical server where multiple CPUs, cloud computing and network resources are stored. There we create a separate private virtual server according to the given package.

Hypervisor Installation:

In the physical server room, a hypervisor is installed which is responsible for managing the creation of a VPS based on your allocated features.

Resource Allocation:

Then, the resource is allocated for your Linux VPS Hosting India. It includes CPU, RAM, and storage. Every customer has their own allocation of resources.


Then, the isolation of the server is processed. It helps to control your server independently though thousands of VPS are hosted on the main physical server.

Operating System Installation:

According to your choice, you can choose among available operating systems. Linux has various options. Install the Linux OS without any hassle.

Kernel Virtualization:

A virtualized kernel is allocated to the server. This strengthens the power of the VPS as it will work as if being controlled by an independent hardware and physical server.

Network Configuration:

Then, the network configuration management is done to set up all modes as per your needs. If you want, you can get a separate virtual network interface card (vNIC) and IP address for your VPS.

Resource Monitoring:

Sensitively, each server is monitored by the Hypervisor so that it is managed so that every VPS is functioning under its allocated resources. If any VPS crosses its limit, it is stopped and controlled by the Hypervisor.

User Access:

This way, you have a separate VPS working for you. Now users and administrators have access to the server control room remotely using remote administration tools. Now, you have full control over your linux VPS server India because you can install software, configure it, and manage all files without any disruption to other VPS on the same main physical server.

This is how Linux VPS hosting in India works. If it seems complex to you, no need to worry because we have experts for assistance at each step. You may get access to a lifeline help support system from the company you buy your Linux VPS hosting.

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Fully Controlled Linux VPS India Solutions

Dserver is known for its excellence in Linux VPS hosting in India. With our fully managed and optimised Indian VPS Linux Hosting service, our customers experience the best management and features of a dedicated server. We have technical experts for handling small to large issues, from server setup to security. This gives you time to focus on your business instead of Linux VPS hosting India solutions.

Moreover, our VPS hosting in India when given to you, the server will be ready with all the features asked so that you can start the operation as soon as possible. With the 24-hour assistance feature on our side, we ensure your personal server is always working as you expected. So for hassle-free server set-up and quick access to the Linux VPS server India is using, you can trust us.

Benefits of Dserver's Linux VPS India:


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

The private virtual server shared by our company guarantees you 99.99% uptime. For any breaks and downtime, our team is ready to help on priority.

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New Added Features

We believe in customizing your Linux VPS India according to your needs. We are ready to modify and add new features that can add more power and security to your servers.

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Advanced Functionality

You can also have advanced functionality of the VPS hosting with the Linux hosting. Your website can easily reach its goals with a VPS Linux.

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Free Website Migration

With us, it is very easy to migrate your websites from a Linux VPS to any other server. We can arrange for a free website migration for our Linux VPS users.

Best Choice for Linux VPS Hosting in India - Dserver

Dserver is here with a simple aim to solve Linux VPS hosting India's needs in the expanding digital world. With our established servers and technical experts, it is easy to manage your VPS and grow your businesses and websites to the next level. We have hosting deals for all budgets so unhesitatingly you can connect with the top choice for a dedicated server.

We guarantee that you will get an Indian Linux VPS that will be within your budget and with added features and controls suitable for your needs. Our bonding with the customers and serving your needs in whatever way possible is always our priority- so you can trust us.