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Buy the Best Windows VPS Hosting in India at an Affordable Price, with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, High Performance, and Top-Notch Security. We are the best Windows VPS provider in India.

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Best Windows VPS Hosting Provider In India

Dserver Hosting- the best Windows VPS hosting provider gives you the leverage of investing less and gaining more website features. Over the years, Dserver has become the ultimate destination for the best Windows VPS hosting solutions in India. If you're looking to buy Windows VPS and seeking top-notch performance, reliability, and exceptional customer support, you've come to the right place. We customise the features by understanding the requirements of your website.

Buying a Windows VPS server can greatly benefit individuals and businesses alike. It provides a reliable and secure platform for hosting websites, running applications, and accessing remote desktops, offering flexibility, scalability, and enhanced control over your computing resources. Our Windows VPS hosting is embedded with all such benefits.

At Dserver, we understand the importance of a powerful and secure virtual private server for your business or personal needs. Our team of experts has meticulously crafted our hosting services to offer you the best Windows VPS experience available in India. Whether you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a web enthusiast, we guarantee that our best-in-class Windows VPS hosting will exceed your expectations.

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Most Suitable Windows VPS Hosting Features

There are multiple Windows VPS hosting features that make it the first choice for most businesses for cheap windows vps hosting in India. Our VPS hosting India helps you achieve your goals and reach a maximum audience. With a Windows VPS server, you do not need to share your server with others and get efficient and dedicated tools to transform your website. Here are some of the features of Windows VPS hosting.

Guaranteed Resources:

With Windows VPS hosting India, you get guaranteed resources to help your website grow. These best Windows vps in India improve the ranking of your website on search engines supporting your all strategies.

Root Access:

VPS Windows server helps you get root access to edit and customize your site according to the needs of your business. The Windows VPS server gives you the power to install a third-party app.

Scalable Hosting:

Windows virtual private server allows you to scale up your business quickly; you can prefer it for small businesses. Your website can push its limits according to the requirements.

Multiple Choice OS:

Before choosing VPS hosting, you should look for the environment where you will work. The Linux hosts have different functions than the windows environment.

Remote Desktop Access:

With Windows VPS hosting, you can connect to your virtual server using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This gives you full desktop access and control, similar to accessing a physical Windows machine.


Windows VPS hosting providers usually implement robust security measures to protect your server and data. This may include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, regular security updates, and optional SSL certificates.

Benefits of Using Windows Vps Hosting

There are unlimited benefits to using a windows vps server India, and it can have an impactful advantage on your website. VPS hosting combines shared and dedicated hosting to become a much sought-after option. Depending upon the type of operating system, the functions of a VPS hosting server may change.


The loading speed of your website can increase exponentially with the help of the best Windows vps in India. It maintains the speed of the website during high-traffic situations. The improved speed can increase the SERP ranking of your business website.


Your website becomes durable with the Windows VPS servers to host. The VPS servers based on traditional HDD storage can fail multiple times. You can eliminate this common problem with the cloud storage and NVMe VPS hosting. Your server can maintain its performance for the long term.


Buy Windows VPS in India, you can get long-lasting hosting services at a budget-friendly price. You can get the best returns on your investments with cheap windows vps hosting. These services are packed with high quality and give you the power to improve the performance of your website.


Windows vps servers in India are environment-friendly as they save lots of physical storage waste going into nature. With cloud storage, you can save the environment directly.

Full Control:

With Windows VPS hosting, you have complete control over your virtual server. You can customize the server configuration, install any software or applications you need, and have full administrative access to manage your server as per your requirements.

Remote Access:

With Windows VPS hosting, you can access your server from anywhere with an internet connection. This remote accessibility allows you to manage your server, install updates, and monitor performance conveniently.

Enhanced Security:

Windows VPS hosting offers robust security features. You can configure firewalls, implement security measures, and install antivirus software to protect your server and data. Additionally, since each VPS is isolated from others, the risk of security breaches from neighbouring servers is minimized.

Windows Compatibility:

If you are using applications or software that are specifically designed for the Windows operating system, Windows VPS hosting is the ideal choice. It provides a Windows-based environment, ensuring compatibility with Microsoft technologies and applications.

FAQ's of Windows VPS

To secure your Windows VPS server, you can follow many steps including keeping the server up to date, using strong passwords, enabling a firewall, installing antivirus software, restricting remote access, disabling unnecessary services and ports to minimize potential attack vectors and regularly backing up your data.

Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualized hosting environment running on a Windows operating system. It works by partitioning a physical server into multiple virtual servers, allowing each VPS to function independently with its own dedicated resources, operating system, and software. Users have administrative access to their VPS, which enables them to install and configure applications as if they were using a dedicated server. Windows VPS provides a flexible and scalable solution for hosting websites, running applications, or managing remote desktop environments.

The main difference between Windows Servers and Linux servers lies in the operating systems they are based on. Windows Server is built on Microsoft's Windows operating system, while Linux server is built on various distributions of the Linux operating system.

Windows Server offers a user-friendly interface, extensive compatibility with Windows-based applications, and strong support for Microsoft technologies and services. Windows Server is commonly used in enterprise environments that heavily rely on Microsoft software and services.

Linux Server provides a highly customizable and flexible platform with a wide range of tools and options. Linux servers are known for their stability, security, and efficiency, and they are widely used for web hosting, database management, networking, and other server applications. Linux offers a broader choice of free and open-source software. Dserver Provides the best performed Linux VPS hosting in India at an affordable price.

Ultimately, the choice between Windows Server and Linux server depends on specific requirements, familiarity with the operating system, and the types of applications and services that need to be supported.

Windows VPS is used for various purposes, including web hosting using Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, and Internet Information Services (IIS), application hosting making it suitable for software development, testing, and hosting line-of-business applications, remote desktop enabling access to Windows applications and desktops from any location, file storage and sharing and VPN and proxy services.